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I’m Shelly. I’m a certified professional coach, writer, and a podcaster based in the PNW.

If we were in person, I’d offer you a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and we’d sit in the sun on my deck and get to know one another. Since we’re meeting online, I invite you to sit back and take a moment to watch this short video about me and my story. I hope it gives you a better idea of who I am and what kind of work I bring into the world. 

Meet Shelly, the creative coach behind Fairwind Creative based in Washington state.


I grew up in a beach town in south Florida, then I hopped around the globe for a while (with a nearly decade-long stint in the SF Bay Area), and now I live with my husband on a tiny island off the coast of Washington State.

I love traveling, exploring the outdoors, swimming in the ocean, creative writing, singing and playing music, herbal tea, eating delicious and healthy food (and...I may also have a massive sweet tooth), and I adore my family and friends.

I’m a creative, free spirit, through and through, and my mosaic of a professional resume reflects my curious nature. Within the past twelve years, I’ve worked in marketing, fundraising, special events, and community engagement. I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse array of individuals and teams, including arts organizations, wellness practitioners, authors and illustrators, historians, curators, meditation centers, summer camps, retreats, leadership and educational conferences, universities, galleries, and museums. In 2011, I graduated with my MBA from John F. Kennedy University, and in 2015 I became a certified professional coach.

Why Shelly became a coach and what inspires her to help others.

Why I  became a coach...

As a student, I loved going to my guidance counselor’s office in high school or visiting with my college advisor. I valued the opportunity to have someone, other than my supportive parents, rooting for me and cheering me on, offering me insight, guidance, and resources to help me move along my life path. I thought, this is a really cool relationship.

As an adult, I often found myself deeply interested and invested in my friends’ and coworkers’ creative ideas and professional goals. My love of research and discovery, and my curious nature, would lead me to brainstorm ideas, solutions, and potential opportunities for them.

When I learned about coaching, I was reminded of that encouraging and supportive dynamic, and I knew that it was something I should explore. I decided to find a way to make this kind of work my work. I combined my education, professional experience, my love of writing and storytelling, and my desire to help others feel confident and empowered into Fairwind Creative.

I want to help people tell their stories. I want to help people connect. I want to help people find more meaning and authenticity in their business.

Coaching is rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable work.

I’m thankful for the opportunities it brings, and I’m excited to see where it takes me!



What I hope for you


From our work together, I hope that you gain more clarity and confidence about the work you do. I hope that you find more ease in your work week and more opportunity to deeply engage with your customers, colleagues, and collaborators.

When you feel better doing your work, the quality of your work dramatically increases, which, of course, ultimately leads to more productive and successful business.

As your coach, I’ll support and guide you so that you feel empowered to move forward. It sounds cheesy, but I also hope you gain a friend and fan in me.

I always root for my clients to grow and succeed. I love working with them!

I hope that you feel confident and motivated to continue moving forward, even when you reach an obstacle. I hope that you are gentle with yourself when you stumble and strive to learn from your challenges. I also hope that you find the beauty in your own personal story. I believe that, by telling our own stories, we can create more depth, interest, and creativity in our own brand story, which will then help us to cultivate rich relationships with our customers.

I’d be happy to help you tell your unique story!

What I hope for you when we work together.

About my logo and business name

I launched the first iteration of Fairwind Creative in early 2011, while I was still in graduate school for my MBA. I was working as a freelance fundraiser and marketer, and I was also living with debilitating chronic pain. For me, the idea for the name of my work came to me from my love of the ocean.


I wish you fair winds and following seas.


Fair winds and following seas is an old, but commonly used, nautical blessing that sailors often share with one another when embarking on a journey. It suggests that the voyager will safely and successfully make it to their final destination.


My journey as a coach, a writer, and a creative woman is one of exploration and adventure. When I work with my clients, I sincerely hope that by working together, we can ensure a safe and successful journey ahead for their work and their business.


My inspiration for my logo design is a sailor's knot. I love the beauty of the ocean but I also have a deep respect of its power and force. I chose a nautical knot for my logo because it’s a symbol of strength and stability. A simple sailor’s knot anchors a vessel to the safety of a dock or protects a boat’s sails in a storm. Although it is a relatively simple knot to tie, it’s one of the strongest. Journeys aren’t always easy, and often in life as in business, we’re faced with obstacles and trying moments that can make us feel small, vulnerable, and even weak. If we make a point to allow our strengths and our unique abilities to shine, then we can can weather any storm we meet along the way.

Fairwind Creative Logo Design
Let me square the yards, while we may, old man, and make a fair wind of it homeward.
— Moby Dick, Herman Melville