Coaching & Copywriting for Creative, Inspired, and Forward-thinking Professionals.

Shelly Jackson Buffington
@ Fairwind Creative


Coaching & copywriting for creative, inspired, and forward-thinking professionals.


Feel better doing what you love.


I help creative and courageous people like you find more ease and enjoyment in what they do. Together, we’ll clarify your goals, build a solid action plan, and refine how you write and speak about your work.

Coaching & copywriting for creative, inspired, and forward-thinking professionals. | Shelly Jackson Buffington

Inspired by mindfulness, contemplative walking, creative writing, and self-inquiry, I help people feel better doing what they love most.

I work as a business coach and brand strategist, and I’m the Co-Founder of The Look & The Feel, a full-service branding studio. I also host Painiac, the podcast about living well even when life hurts. The blend of my interests and background results in a gentle approach to taking care and living and working with intention and authenticity.


Ask yourself what it would feel like to


Feel better in your work

I believe that work should be enjoyable, meaningful, and sustainable. If we’re not feeling good doing what we love, then what’s the point of doing it at all?  I know what it’s like to feel as if our tasks and to-do lists aren’t aligning with how we want to feel in our work. The endless minutia and the mundane work routine can leave us feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, and lacking motivation. We get so caught up in the daily tasks that we lose sight of the big picture. Long-term goal setting, creative brainstorming, and business planning get put on the back burner. We start to just tread water but we don’t get anywhere. Instead of connecting to what we love about our work, we feel disconnected from it as if we’re living someone else’s story. It doesn’t have to feel this way.


Make your messaging more mindful, impactful, and powerful

I incorporate mindfulness, storytelling, and creative inquiry into my the work because I firmly believe that when we have a grasp on who we are within the context of this world, we feel better in our lives, we feel better about how we move through the world, and we feel better doing the work we do. I believe that businesses should be intentional and committed to contributing to the greater good.


Connect with your audience and customers in more meaningful ways

We each have a story of how, why, and where we got started on our journey. Doing your work and managing and marketing your brand doesn’t have to feel salesy, uncomfortable, or inauthentic. Story is powerful; it can help us connect with the world around us. Story makes us unique and sets us apart from others in our industry. When we incorporate our story into the language we use to describe our products, our services, and our business, we open up an opportunity for connection with our customers. We create richer, textured, and deeper experiences for our customers when we break the mold, refuse the formula, and think outside of the box.


Are you ready to feel this way?