How to write better copy for your business. 


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I’m here to help you craft better copy! This will be fun. Can’t wait!

I’m here to help you craft better copy! This will be fun. Can’t wait!

You’d benefit from a copy audit! If you want to feel more confident when you write about your business, I'm happy to help you get your writing back on track. A copy audit includes an in-depth review of your current communications (including your About page, Shop and Services pages, brochures, flyers, social media profiles and posts, blog, emails, etc.). Then, you and I will hop on the phone for an hour call to discuss how you can polish your brand voice and draft a library of powerful and actionable copy you can use for future communications.

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PS. Copy audits can fit any budget! No matter what you’re able to invest, I can work with you to start where you feel comfortable. We can start somewhere small like a focused assessment of your upcoming email newsletter, or we can do a deep-dive into your entire website and other communications. I’m all yours! Just let me know what you need, and we can make it work for you.